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  • Fall and Heavy Grass

    As we progress into October, Guntersville Lake will grow thick with heavy grass and the bass will move deeper and deeper into the grass to hide from the sun and the change in oxygen levels. One of the unique things about any lake with heavy grass cover is that the bass move from the deep suspending bottom areas of the lake to the heavy grass; there is basically two reasons this occurs the first is the bait fish move into the grass and the next is that the grass creates a cover that has cooler water under it while hiding the fish from the bright sunny October days. Itís also a known fact that if we are going to see a turn-over on the lake it occurs in October and when this occurs the lake becomes dead and the only place that has enough oxygen to hold bass is the grass areas.

    With that said; there are a few options that I like of ways to catch fish during these dog days of August; flipping heavy bulky weighted bait through the grass is one and fishing over the top with a SPRO frog is the other. Both of these presentations require patience and persistence as neither are going to be consistent action all day long. While flipping I like to punch a heavy 2 oz. weight into the holes and edges of the grass; I believe the closer the heavy grass is to deep water like the ledges the more chances you will get to catch good fish while punching your bait to the bottom.

    While a frog appears to be totally different because it is fished on top; it really is not. The frog is still a typical fall bait fished in and around bait fish and heavy cover. The Frog also creates a reaction from a bass, bass are positioned in heavy grass next to small openings and holes in the grass and the frog also creates a reaction, it is just on top of the water. Both these presentations are big fish techniques and if you can take the heat and stay focused you can catch several fish during a day on the water in the heat of October!

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