• Water Temperature can be Key to Fall Fishing

    When it gets tough in the fall one thing you can count on to help you find active fish is change in water temperature; no doubt falling water temps in one area vs. another are good areas to fish. Being astute enough to look around the areas your fishing to find the areas of cooling water temps is a great way to find active fish. I know when your searching for cooler temperatures that you may only find areas where the change is ridiculously small, like maybe a degree or two which seems insignificant. The important thing to remember is that a degree or two can be a big difference maker in the activity of the fish. If you donít believe this to be true turn your air conditioning down two degrees in you home and see what the amount of change two degrees causes is in your house; its noticeable and its as noticeable for the fish when one area of the lake water drops a degree or two. Having the patience to search different depths is profound and will bring you positive results if you take the time and test different areas.

    The bass become active, especially when you add their yearly pattern changes that accentuate the need in the fall to feed up for the winter as the cold weather approaches. The activity level really helps your ability to go to search baits like, swim baits, rattle baits, top water lures and more. Suddenly you have gone from a methodical slow worn type bite to moving baits that the bass are actively and aggressively pursuing. Being observant during this time is also another key to finding the active fish; the fall becomes a time where you can visualize bait being pursued and watch them being chased and busted on top can be key. Combine the slightly lower water temperature in an area coupled with bait activity and you have the combination for a great day in an area that has all the elements needed to catch bunches of fish. Remember shallow water cools first in the fall, cool nights cool the water and that is one of the reasons bass moves to the shallows as we move into the fall bite.

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