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    Gamo Air Rifle can't shoot straight.

    Thread Starter: Moveon

    I found out that I don't like my Gamo Bone Collector Air Rifle. It's a spring loaded type air rifle and the recoil is way to powerful for...

    Last Post By: Moveon 1 Week Ago Go to last post

    Rain rain go way!

    Thread Starter: Moveon

    Will it ever stop raining? It seems that it rains more than it has in the past. A friend said it poured last night up at Patoka Lake and...

    Last Post By: Moveon 5 Days Ago Go to last post

    Your top 3 go to baits right now (bass)

    Thread Starter: cal9323

    Just curious what everyone is throwing right now. Getting into fall soon, been chilly in the morning but really hot during the day. Mine...

    Last Post By: kc 1 Week Ago Go to last post

    Grand Lake Crappie Series

    Thread Starter: Jefft

    Just a reminder the first Grand Lake Crappie Series tournament is April 26. Hope to see you all there. WWW.grandlakecrappieseries.com...

    Last Post By: Jennylesse 21 Hours Ago Go to last post
    Ten Point Homes

    Kentucky Crappie Trail at Barren River 10/5/19

    Thread Starter: Ten Point Homes

    Good Monday. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Our next KCT tournament is another opening event over at the Kentucky Crappie Trail Barren...

    Last Post By: Ten Point Homes 1 Week Ago Go to last post
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    Mike Gerry

    Why is Fall Fishing So Tough

    There’s probably no time of year that fishermen struggle more than they do during the fall and every lake is different as why this occurs. The reasons are many just like the lakes are all different, deep water lakes set up differently than do shallow lakes and grassy lakes are... read more
    Mike Gerry 4 Days Ago
    Mike Gerry

    Is the Jig Bite History

    Over the many years I have been fishing for a living baits seem to come and go like your favorite meals do. One year the bite is strong on a certain bait the next you can’t get a fish to hit it. The traditional jig at least for me has been going through this now for several... read more
    Mike Gerry 1 Week Ago
    Mike Gerry

    Water Temperature in the Fall

    As we progress into the fall, we will see plenty of water temperature change some of it will be positive for the fall bite and some will not. Determining the effect on your bite will have a lot to do with what the temperature is, how much it drops and how quickly the temperature... read more
    Mike Gerry 2 Weeks Ago
    Mike Gerry

    A-Rig is Getting Hot Again

    The craze of the A-Rig has spread to all parts of the country with pros making videos of big fish being caught on the A-rig all over the country. Major League fishing keeping it on the approved lure list and smaller circuits using it as a big-time fish catcher. If you watch... read more
    Mike Gerry 3 Weeks Ago
    Judy Helmey

    Little Fishing Feet

    “Little Miss Judy’s Believe It or Not!”

    I published this story on January 22, 2006 after the passing of my long time friend Kitty Strozier. Kitty was a long time resident of Tybee Island, Georgia. She had a wonderful soul! Believe me time flies much too... read more
    Judy Helmey 4 Weeks Ago
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    Cedar FYI

    I got two Humminbird Helix 10 MSI G3N's. Big upgrade from a Humminbird 597. Side and down imaging is great. Rode over the old 150 bridge and I could see

    rustedhook 6 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Cedar FYI

    Hey Charlie Ya I didn't have my head on what I was doing, I was about two miles from the lake and going around 60 when the truck just shut off for about

    Wormin 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Cedar FYI

    Hey Ron sounds like fun what did you get?

    Wormin 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Cedar FYI

    You still beating up the chick, lol got that lake on my bucket list.

    Wormin 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Cedar on Sunday

    Fished Sunday from noon till 5:30. We had 9 fish with the biggest at 2.5, most were about 12". Fish came around 10'

    RngerMac 5 Hours Ago Go to last post

    lake Cumberland water tempuratures?

    Normal this time of year!! All sizes of threadfins and gizzards will be up there shallow on mud flats.

    luvtohunt 10 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Cedar FYI

    Don't feel bad Wormin I've been three times in the last week and have only caught 5 and they wouldn't cover the bottom of a skillet. But really wasn't

    rustedhook 12 Hours Ago Go to last post

    lake Cumberland water tempuratures?

    Since I'm really just getting into fishing seriously, and only having my Helix since spring, I don't know what "normal" is. Is the amount of

    OutInKy 19 Hours Ago Go to last post