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    Dale Hollow

    Thread Starter: CaptObvious

    Anybody know water temp up around the state dock on Dale Hollow? I know the COE is saying 81 degrees at dam. Going next week. Hoping itíll...

    Last Post By: CaptObvious 1 Week Ago Go to last post

    costa series at cumberland

    Thread Starter: rbass57

    wonder how they caughtem 2day at cumberland,weigh-in starts at 4pm on flw live cold mornings coming at them. on facebook as well

    Last Post By: rbass57 5 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Lake Cumberland updates?

    Thread Starter: Johndeere9500

    Any info on water temp and if the stripers are still holding deep? Was down a couple weeks ago bass fishing and it was a rough couple of...

    Last Post By: JeremyCLS 5 Days Ago Go to last post

    FLW on Cumberland

    Thread Starter: Shellkat

    Anybody heard any weights, saw a striper guy post on Facebook with 2 limits of big smallmouth laying on the dock with one hosscat striper

    Last Post By: Les Young 1 Week Ago Go to last post

    KR River smallmouth

    Thread Starter: kydonky

    22 inches, did not have a scale.

    Last Post By: Les Young 3 Days Ago Go to last post
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    Mike Gerry

    Rod Tip Angle makes a Difference

    This time of year, when your trying to control the depth of your moving bait presentation, the angle at which you hold your rod tip can be the difference of being in the strike zone or not. Believe it or not most baits respond to your rod tip angle very easily, if it pointed... read more
    Mike Gerry 1 Week Ago
    Mike Gerry

    Fishing in the Cold of Winter

    When you get in your boat in middle to late December on a cold winter fishing day you start to wonder where do I start? You look out over the lake and there is no visible grass, there is no obvious structure and your mind says where do I start and how can I put some fish in... read more
    Mike Gerry 3 Weeks Ago
    Mike Gerry

    The Truth About Electronics & Fishing

    Every time I get someone in my boat that has something to say about the electronics, they utilize on their boats there is a mixed bag of opinions; we here some good some bad and some ugly. The truth is no matter what manufacturer you choose there is many ways it is viewed by... read more
    Mike Gerry 4 Weeks Ago
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    Thought that was a little cold for this time of the year, I usually start fishing here mid to late in December, thanks guys!

    Wormin 28 Minutes Ago Go to last post


    63 in greasy creek all day today.

    peter 59 Minutes Ago Go to last post


    59 something everywhere I went today around Thomas branch area

    NitroZ8 3 Hours Ago Go to last post


    I don't know, Parttimer ... Guide Capt Steve Spitzer says he found 47.5deg water temps on the 13th while fishing in the back of a creek off the main lake

    crappiepappy 4 Hours Ago Go to last post


    Iíd say slim chance of the water temp being that low already. Nov 8th the water was 65 in otter Creek and on nov 9th it was 61 in white oak.

    Parttimer 5 Hours Ago Go to last post

    costa series at cumberland

    i like the idea of 3 fish inthe hot time of year,gona bring that up here on the mighty ohio,will even the playing field a bunch also

    rbass57 5 Hours Ago Go to last post
    Les Young

    costa series at cumberland

    I don't have a problem with the kids tournaments being 15. I like you personally think the same way you do. If they had to be 18 there would be a huge

    Les Young 5 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Cedar FYI again

    If you need another reason to fish here there is GLK swimming around here with a 2lb fish attached. You can keep the fish and the reel but man I would

    Wormin 9 Hours Ago Go to last post