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  1. I have the Nikon P-223 for my AR 15.

    I saw that the Nikon P-223 is third on the list. It's calibrated for the M855 62 grain bullets which I also use. I has a ballistic reticle for the AR15 rifle. My AR15 has a 1:7 fast twist rate for...
  2. Thread: Come on folks

    by Moveon

    Actually it's possible to post pictures from your computer

    You can post pictures in this forum but it's a 5 step process. I'm not going to post how to do that in here but send me a PM and I'll try to show you how to post a picture in here. I'd post in here...
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    My friend said he heard that too

    He said that they were stocking Walleyes in Patoka. If it's true that would be great. I love catching and eating walleye. We used to fish for them in Ontario Canada and would clean and fry them for...
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