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  1. Thread: Im new!

    by kygorski


    If you are in a place where you have big cats[10 and overpounds] your rig will be fine. Ugly sticks are just that but for the price thet are impossible to beat. An over looked bait is chicken...
  2. No it isn't

    In all the years I fished lake cumberland I never found a natural weed bed, the drw down levels are too drastic for vegatation habitation[imo]. And while I fished for blue gills, Ican't ever recall...
  3. geo

    Since I can't fish anymore or anyl less anymore. Dale is little reported crappie hole, thats almost a local secret, I've caught bunch of them over 15 inches trolling small cranks.the secret is using...
  4. geo

    ever think about dale? good gill and some shell crackers,and there is ery little boat travel.Right there in the launch area at the state dock, on the east shore there are a few good areas, the water...
  5. the northern approach

    I had a very good electric anchor on the nose of my boat, it could hold in moderate wind, while I enjoyed my auto pilot, I also had a rear mounted electric motor, I could use it to move an anchored...
  6. geo

    A good spot at barkley. There was a bridge that used to cross the lake, there is a good boat ramp across from energy lake, It's probably 3/4 of a mile down to the main lake. The right shore line has...
  7. I Try something different

    I've caught regular carp on small jigs and smaller rapellas. there was a guy who used to fish for them with a fly ro, he hasn't posted for awhile.And carp, while not jumpers put up a pretty good...
  8. The fishing was a bonus

    barkely and Ky lake were NOT built for sport fishing, it was an unexpected bonus.Be thankful for what you had and are getting. I'm sure ALL of you know the rule of consequences, what profits some,...
  9. So fish for them

    No one gave a ratazz when the great lakes were invaded by alewives, white perch, sculpin and other fish that were not natural to those waters. Those asian carp are a food fish, and they can be...
  10. Replies

    was a great fan

    I'd still be a great fan if i could fish.I bought a spider combo when they first came out, and after that at 75% of my fishing was with braid. there were a few problems at the beginning but a little...
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    what do you fish for?

    I've had spinning reels since day one when they came out.Diawa or shimano are both good choices, for artificial casting i like the trigger models. Rods depends on what you fish for.I had 13ft rods...
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    energy lake

    It's not primative, has rest rooms,and its easy to launch a boat, I havn't been there in over 10 years,but with a kayak,you may be able to have some excellent bass fishing.the back of the lake is...
  13. Thread: Eclipse

    by kygorski


    Here in georgia we had about 95+ coverage of the sun, bird activity wasn't that notable, shadows seemed a little more vivid, but it didn't last long enough for me to notice cricket activity, maybe...
  14. Thread: Fishing GRASS

    by kygorski


    Grass and timber is slugo territory
  15. multi specie fishing

    Another think abut not being tied down to only LMB, was I loved to get out during late spring and use my fly rod on blue gills.This was mostly possible on the smaller lakes, because it was hard for...
  16. depending on the season

    When I had a car top boat I could put in to a shallow weedy section of the lake, the perfect early season spot, the water warm up quick, and the LMB were active, used sluggos and spooks, and always...
  17. I was lucky

    Living in northern In, and not really devoted to one specific type of fish, I had many options for good fishing.I always bought licenses for In, Il, and michigan. In 100 miles of my house I had more...
  18. know the feeling

    I have also ha brutal days, but mine were a picnic compared to a lot of folks. I worked 3 weekends a month, so I had the week days, and at least the traffic wasn't that bad. BUT then retirement came...
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    I started using the stuff the day after it came out. I'm an old timer [real old]. I fished before mono was invented.DJ comment about hook sets never bothered me, I always liked softer rods, for the...
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    That ended my boating

    I fell while getting out of my boat, it was already on the trailer, I was down for the count for a few minutes, no one around to help. that was the second time, the knee just gave out on me, the...
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    I worked almost on the shore. The company I worked for a wam water discharge into the lake, And yes, the browns and steelhead fishing was fantastic.
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    great lakes charters

    There are a ton of charter boats, but book early for the good ones.In may I'd use an indiana charter, the cohos will still be active close to shore. But for some real fishing, look for a capt that...
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    I'm pretty sure your boat has a live well or bait tank, take some alewives with you
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    When csting stick baits, look for eddys, where the water changes direction, cast your lures so that they are working through the eddy.I've fished from the bank, and from a boat, I neber fished from a...
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    cumberland river walleyes

    Since I can't fish thetre anymore, I'll give you a tip. Go at night, as close to the dam as possible. Use suspending stick baits, rouges, rapallas.And don't use the smallest ones.Clown , and gold and...
  26. punisher jig heads

    that bait shop in celina tn has the best selection of jig heads, the soft plastics are better if they have scent cooked into them.In the faster current I went to a 1/8 jig head. Try to keep the baits...
  27. Rick

    You know i used to fish the river quite a bit around burkesville.i had a lot of success using jigs.I used a 1/16 oz single wire weedless head and avoided the curly tail ones.My favorite colorstended...
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    5 gal bucket

    Some of us used the buckets, cut one inch slits in several places on the bucket, and store your baits in the bucket. a bucket could easily store at least a dozen suicks and bobby baits. And the lid...
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    good cop, bad cop

    A few years back, on the wolf river side of dale, I was trolling for crappies with small crank baits, then I was hailed by a tn game warden, [ there were two of them].One was determined to write a...
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    specs and redfish

    man I miss those salty critters, fished mostly arounf mobile bay in the winter. but since I needed to get rid of my boat, for physical reasons, I've found that Ky bank fishing *****, unless you like...
  31. Blue gills

    My favorite dale hollow fish.Yes I floated the fly, used alewives drifting, and trolled for big crappie, but the hollow gills were my favorite. 7 and 8 inchers were not common, but I got my share of...
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