First I want to say THANK YOU!!! To everyone who came out to another record year for the Tournament. We had 94 boats this year. This was 1 more than last and I thought I would loose a whole lot more being on the day of the UofL/UofK game. Out of 94 boats, 32 boats weighed fish in. Everyone I talked to, said that they caught a bunch of small ones but nothing to add up. I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed the tournament.

1st Jon Yewell (fished solo) 5 fish 17.03lbs $1000.00
2nd Gary Powell & David Colmon 5 fish 13.13lbs $ 500.00
3rd Bobby Dorton & Bill Hurle 5 fish 13.01lbs $ 300.00
4th Richard Butler & Jody Tabor 5 fish 10.02lbs $ 150.00
5th Nicky Galloway & Sonny Mason 5 fish 9.13lbs $ 100.00
6th David Mercer & T.L Irwin 3 fish 9.10lbs $ 80.00
7th Nathan Smith & David House 3 fish 9.05lbs $ 60.00
8th Jeremy Leslie & Daniel Miller 4 fish 9.05lbs $ 40.00
9th John Newton & Scott Robbins 4 fish 9.00lbs $ 20.00

Big Fish Nathan Smith & David House 4.15lbs $ 920.00

Once again, thank you to everyone who fished, helped in anyway possible to make this tournament a huge success. In average, I will raise around $5700.00 for the Crusade For Children. As always, I ask for feedback in order to grow on for the years to come. Please if you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints, call me @ 1-502-216-6883 or you can email me @ Or if you would like to leave a comment on here, I will be checking back here on occasion.

Thank you from everyone here at the Zoneton Fire Protection District.