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    I appreciate the fresh feedback. I know what you are saying about not having to throw the huge musky lures. When I used to fish them up north we didn't do very well on the huge lures. I have several of those large, bulky, wooden lures including a suick and I don't think we ever caught a musky on that big stuff not to mention after throwing one for an hour or so your whooped. One of my favorites was a 5" heavy-body floating rapala which I fished like a crank bait. We also used to get a lot of action on bass buzz baits but we didn't have a very good hook-up ratio even with trailer hooks although the strike and the visual made up for not landing. Another favorite was a #5 Mepps musky bucktail which is on the small side for bucktails. As I mentioned above I am looking forward to trying a Sammy for them. I have one 128 which is 5" but the 4" 100s are my mainstay on bass and I sure a toothy will get a rise out of them. Just hope I can break away before it gets past surface time...


    Pm me if you get a chance to go and ill be glad to give ya a couple spots where youre almost guaranteed to get a hook up. They dont seem to come up on topwater a whole lot on green, and youll probably have better luck fishing a spinnerbait or flipping. I dont fish for them, but as a bass fisherman i know where not to throw an expensive bait

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    I caught a 36" a couple of weeks ago bass fishing East Fork Lake in Ohio on a chatterbait in 1' of water. Got slimed, blood all over my boat, released fish.

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    1 OZ Daredevil Blue/Sliver. Long search casts parallel to the bank. Bring it in decently fast. If you get the one with a double hook vs a treble you can retrieve them over weeds with out them getting snagged on the top of the water. I like to bring them through the weeds on the top then stop reeling and letting drop for two seconds after the edge of the weed bed/stump pile/root ball.

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