Well today is the last day to get out and fish on Bluegrass this winter. Tomorrow is the start of Waterfowl Hunting on Bluegrass again.

But it's cold enough that you may have to chop though a thin layer of ice on the top of the water. Fortunately it's suppose to get up to around 40 Deg F this afternoon.

I put my boat away for the winter. Actually all I do is push it into my attached garage and keep it inside all winter. My truck sits outside in the weather as the boat gets priority. Besides it takes a lot of work to get all the fishing gear out of the boat and to put the cover on the boat. And then the **** rain/snow still bogs the boat cover down and leaks into the boat. I've always kept my boat in the Garage since about 2003. Before that I kept it covered with a custom made heavy duty canvas cover.

I have one of those wide straps that goes from the front of the boat over the bass seats in the front and back of the boat and then attached to the back of the boat after going over the top of the Outboard motor. This helps to keep the cover up. I did have one of the 4ft long 2 in wide fiber glass flat bow sticks that went from one side of the boat to the other side. It hold the cover up in the shape of a bow or half circle. This works good in the middle section of the boat cover and helps the rain run off the boat cover and not pool on the cover. But the front of the boat still has snow or water pooling and dragging the cover down into the boat instead of letting the water run off to the side of the boat cover. I need to add two more of those fiber glass things to the middle and to the front of the boat to help keep the cover in place and to make all the rain/snow melt to run off the boat cover and not pool on the cover. Which is the main reason I keep the boat inside the garage.

Beside I don't know where I would put the three tackle boxes and the 8 rods that I keep in the boat all year long. My spare bedroom is getting full of hunting and fishing stuff right now. I don't have much more room to store all the stuff. It may be time for a yard sale this next summer.