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    Og wiggle warts

    First off anyone who has old wiggle warts can go to a tackle show like the swap meet in Richmond if your wanting to sell them. Odd colors are $10 or so and crawfish colors vary from 20-40. Phanton craw is the most valuable they sale for around $50. Mangums, wee warts, flat warts, square bills are not as valuable.

    Theres actually 3 versions the og ones, the first gen rapala that say storm on bill and then they "say" they brought back the old mold and made the version 3 like the original. They are blank under the bill. These are good crankbaits just maybe not as good as old ones. I have 40 of the old ones but I use the version 3 fun fishing and save the originals for tournaments.

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    pre rapalawiggle warts

    Quote Originally Posted by bassin bruce View Post
    I am curious about the pre-rapala wiggle wart craze. What makes them so much better than the post Rapala versions? People are asking, and getting outrageous prices for these baits. I've seen these baits sell for as much as $25.00 each! I own both, have fished both trying to tell a difference, but for the life of me, can't tell any. Could someone please enlighten me on what the craze is all about, because I am very confused? Input anyone? Thanks
    bassin bruce original wiggle warts had an action that allowed them to run off center and then return to center, this was called hunting and this is a much sought after trait. When Rapala bought Storm they felt this was not a good trait and corrected it so the bait would run straight however this also made the bait not as efficient as a fish catcher. This created the demand for the old baits. There are about 18 months worth of old wiggle warts manufactured by Rapala in Mexico before the new production started. Because of demand Rapala is now manufacturing new baits with the old action however they are of a different plastic fomula. The old wiggle warts are as good a cold water bait as you can find.

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