We had 21 boats Friday night. 1st place Whitfill and Whitfill 12.20 lbs 2nd place Johnson and Cook 11.63 lbs 3rd place Meridith and Kiper 11.49 lbs Big fish Meridith and Kiper 5.14 lbs Friday, August 29 will be our last open night tournament of the summer. Take off time is at 7:00 pm cst and its over at 1:00 am. Everyone has been great this year. Great fisherman caught a lot of big bass this year. So I'm bringing chop mutton and chop pork from Old Hickory BBQ this Friday for everyone who comes to fish with us. Just my way of saying thanks to everyone this summer for an incredible summer. Ill be there a little early this week so that when you come sign up we can get you a bbq sandwich before you hit the water Hope to see you there!!!