Again, THANK YOU for making the 8th Annual another huge success. This year we had 87 boats with 40 boats weighing fish. Thank you to everyone who made this year a success and I look forward to another successful year next year. I hope everyone who came out walked away with a some kind of door prize, free give away, or a full belly. Please if you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, please contact me at 502-216-6883 or email me at

To let everyone know, I did a 40% payout. Below is the 2014 Results:

1st boat 54 Dennis Waddell & Jason Rigdon 17.04 lbs $800.00
2nd boat 39 Bobby Dorton & David Coleman 15.01 lbs $450.00
3rd boat 69 Dwayne Leslie & Josh Marchinoski 14.12 lbs $300.00
4th boat 72 Steve & Louis Humphrey 14.10 lbs $200.00
5th boat 42 Robert Smith & Johnny Ford 12.01 lbs $150.00
6th boat 31 Don Partin & Travis Hardin 11.50 lbs $100.00
7th boat 5 William Coy & Gary Powell 11.00 lbs $50.00
8th boat 70 Chad Martin & Michael Feldkamp 10.90 lbs $38.00

Big Fish Boat 70 Chad Martin & Michael Feldkamp 5.14 lbs $870.00

Once again Thank You to everyone who made this a huge success. I look forward to seeing everyone back again next year. Thanks to all of my sponsors, to all of the businesses who donated the door prizes and food, and thanks to all of my workers.

Sincerely Wayne Mosely