1st place-Todd Dahl & Ricky Jeffries-------------------3 fish----9.15
2nd place-Aaron Burckhead & Shane Drury-----------3 fish----6.22
3rd place-Darrel & Jarrod Swift------------------------2 fish----5.32
4th place-Don Johnson & Kevin Aley------------------3 fish----5.28
5th place-Tracy Phillips & Mark Vest------------------2 fish----5.07
6th place-Gerald reid & Don Munford-----------------2 fish----4.36
7th place-Dave Sumpter & John Doll-----------------2 fish----4.32
8th place-Jimmy Joiner--------------------------------2 fish----3.99
9th place-Joel Hester & Don Flener-------------------2 fish----3.94
10th place-Glenn Hawkins & Ronnie Stratton--------2 fish----3.88

Big Fish--Todd Dahl & Ricky Jeffries----------------------------3.24

We had--62 boats
22 boats had fish
Total fish weighted in---37
Average Weight---------2.17

Friday Night "3 Keeper Club"had a great year, we want to thank EVERYONE.

Hope to see everyone next year
John Doll