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    Man that killed UBL

    Anybody watch the show about the former Navy SEAL who shot Bin Laden's filthy lice infested carcass 3 times in the head?

    He's catching some heat about telling his story, wondered what y'all thought about that.

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    I have mixed feeling first is they have taken an oath not to do speak out so part of me say should not do it however Obama administration broke the rule that they should not talk about it the next day and divulged the unit that was responsible. Shortly thereafter several Navy Seals were killed. There has been a book and a movie about this before he spoke up. He claims he did it to give closure to the 911 families and it looks like this has helped.

    Their is something there that bothers me, I think it is his demeanor and how calm cool and collected it makes me not want to believe all of it. With that said he is a great hero as were everyone on this team. I think they thought this was a one way ticket but they would do everything in there power to kill him before they were all killed.

    God bless them all.

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