Well tomorrow is the start of waterfowl hunting season for the second time this year and the fishing at Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife area is prohibited again until sometime in late Jan 2015.

So please don't get out there and scare the ducks away.

I figured I'd post this to remind the fisherman that Bluegrass is closed to fishing starting 1/2 hour before sunrise on Nov 29, 2014.

I'm sure that the fines for being on the lake without being registered to hunt water fowl and doing that legally will be stiff. So I guess we have to wait for spring to get here before we start fishing again on ANY of the bodies of water at Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife Area.

There were signs posted at some of the launch ramps reminding people about the closing of the area for waterfowl hunters.

Too bad as I think this week end the weather is going to be warmer than it has been. Hopefully no one will forget the rules and get into trouble or make any of the waterfowl hunters upset by scaring the ducks away.

I'm not sure if we can fish from the bank or not but I would suspect that would be frowned upon too. But the signs are not really clear about bank fishing to some people. I'd highly recommend calling the HQ at Sugar Ridge Fish and Wildlife Area to ask about the rules before going fishing any where at Bluegrass F&W Area tomorrow. The number for Sugar Ridge is posted on the main bulletin board at the parking lot of the South Launch Ramp at Bluegrass Pit. That's the pit just East of I-164 and just North of Boonville New Harmony Road. The parking lot is on the North side of Boonville New Harmony Road about 2/10 to 3/10 of a miles East of I-164. There may be some maps of the area in the map box near the bulletin board and some of the rules are written on these maps. The other rules are posted on the bulletin board and on signs though out the properties.