The Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail is a nonprofit, nondenominational ministry whose mission is:

To introduce Jesus to fishermen and their families and to invite them into a relationship with Him, through bass fishing tournaments.

We, at Fishers of Men, believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. We believe that he came and died on a cross for the remission of our sins and rose again on the third day. And that anyone who believes in Him and accepts Him as their personal savior, can have eternal life in Heaven as well as a life more abundant while here in this life.

Hundreds of people have made first time decisions to follow Jesus and hundreds more have renewed their commitments to Him at our meetings.

What began in 1998 as a small four division tournament trail with a total of 21 events through the first season has now grown into one of the largest fishing tournament organizations in the country. During the 2014 season, 44 team tournament divisions and 34 legacy divisions combined for over 300 tournament events.

A divisional tournament event consists of a professionally ran fishing tournament on Saturday preceded by a meeting on Friday evening. At the Friday meeting, anglers are treated to a meal, tournament details, and door prizes. But most importantly they will hear a gospel message and offered the opportunity to accept Jesus into their life.

All of our tournaments are team events, with each team consisting of two members. Legacy division teams are also two person teams. However, a legacy team is made up of one member who is 19 or older, and one member who is under 19.

Teams receive 50 points for attending the Friday night meeting(only one members needs to attend to receive points)Our meetings are held at churches near the lakes we will be fishing.

Top 80% of the field will qualify for the District Championship (held here in Ohio on the Ohio River, New Richmond Ramp)

Top 20% of District Championship will qualify for the National Championship.

Points leaders automatically qualify for National Championship.

Teams can fish any FOM division to get their 5 events in, and once you have your 5 events , teams will be able to compete in any Fishers of Men District Championship (besides their own District Championship) and have another chance to qualify for the National Championship.

Bass Masters Team Challenge : I will post the link which will explain how to qualify. Click on the link THE ROAD TO THE CLASSIC
We had 22 teams participate last year in the Team Challenge

FOM Ohio South Division Schedule with details, click on link.

Anyone wanting more information please contact me .
Steve Greene