Hello everyone,

My name is Kevin, I come from China, and I was a student graduating from Columbia U.

Right now, my uncle and me want to do the Asian Carp business here, in Chicago. And we are currently looking for a fish processing facility in IL, or others states along the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. We want to corporate with the manufacturer who has the ability to process the fish or buy a such company.

In Chicago, we have very few connections, and it's hard for us to start it. So I come to this forum and see if there is any kind of opportunity.

Our basic idea is to process the Asian Carp to the dried fish and fish balls and export them to China, where we have a great relation with the supermarkets, we are doing the fish export business in Japan and China.

I just stat a very basic idea about my business, and if you know anyone who is interested in this business, or anyone who is selling his fish processing plant, plz contact me, I will send you more detailed about this.

My email is jhekevin111@gmail.com