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    The Sound of Sandhills

    The Sound of Sandhills

    The morning started
    With sunlit fields
    A cold gentle breeze tickled
    The remaining oak leaves
    By midmorning
    Dark gray clouds
    Appeared on the horizon
    By midafternoon
    The first snowflakes
    Descended upon the cedars
    From a distance
    Came the sound of Sandhills
    As they came into focus
    They circled upward
    Over the Cumberland
    Then disappeared
    It was then I realized
    Winter had truly arrived
    Let not your spirits be down
    Its not hard to comply
    When its time to fish the “fly”

    Roy (Bud Bonefish) Nave
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    My favorite sound that a sandhill crane makes it that gentle sizzle you hear when you lay it on a smoking hot grill...."ribeye in the sky" .:cool

    Beautiful poem Roy, thanks

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    Very nice, it is appreciated.

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    Thanks Roy (aka, Dix River Poet)! Always enjoy your insight and interperation of nature.

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    I appreciate your replies. My wife and I have moved to Eli, Ky which is only 3 miles from Lake Cumberland. I will miss my years near the Dix River palisades and the Ky River. I spent 15 years fishing the Dix below the dam and parts of the Ky. My writings of those years on the water mean a lot to me and hope to you as well. I am sure for the ones who have fished that area know as well the beauty and solitude that place radiates. Now, I will concentrate on Cumberland and Dale. I have always wanted to be near Cumberland and Dale to enjoy their beauty and fishery. God has blessed us beyond all our dreams.

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