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Thread: Newlights

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    This definitely seems like the "old fellers" thread! I'm almost 66, and the first and only time I heard the term "newlight" was on a farm in Bourbon County, Kentucky, when I was about 12 years old. The elderly gent who had invited my father to bring me out to fish spoke of some nice "newlights" in the lower pond. It was a different time then, and to some extent, we all spoke a different language. Time seemed to pass more slowly in the 60's, though I imagine a good bit of that fading impression had to do with my youth. But I distinctly remember conversations being less hurried, especially on hot summer days when the older generations sat under shade trees, when "y'all" was a common expression and Kentucky was more Southern, at least where I lived.
    We also spoke of "brim" in those days, which is a term I never hear anymore. "Brim" meant any of the sunfish, though generally referred to what everyone calls bluegill now, However, back then anything not a bass or "newlight" that went on the stringer was called brim, even though we would speak of shellcrackers and rock bass individually.

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