We had 21 boats last night. We have 4 more open tournaments til our classic. Just remember to qualify for the 2 night classic is that you and/or your partner must fish 6 tournaments or you must win one. If you have any questions about it or if you need to know if you're qualified just call me or ask us on a Friday night.
1st place. Dwayne Laslie and Brian Kessee. 18.15 lbs
2nd place. Ben Whitfill and Corey Lindsey. 17.55 lbs
3rd place. Nicky Galloway and Sonny Mason. 13.04 lbs
Big fish. Ben Whitfill and Corey Lindsey. 6.09 lbs
Well see everyone next Friday. Takeoff is at 7 cst at the state ramp.