I'm now looking for a better rifle scope that's rated for springer air rifles and that can take the backward and forward shock of the IGT type Gamo Air rifles. The scope that came with my IGT Air Rifle is broken now and I have to find some thing else to use with this gun. It's the Gamo Whisper Fusion Elite which I got at Walmart last year. I got this rifle because the Bone Collector Air rifle and scope that I had was not holding zero either. I have an extra Gamo Hunter 4x9x32 scope that I could use but I fear that I would be wasting my time and money trying to put that one on either of my IGT Gamo Air Rifles. IGT stand for Inert Gas Technology. These are springers without the metal springs. They use the gas inside a chamber in the rifle that's compressed by a pistol when you break the rifle barrel down and back up. These were suppose to produce less recoil but I'm doubting that claim form Gamo now.

I'm thinking of buying a Leapers Scope which are suppose to be made better and used on Springer Air Rifles. Any comments on these scopes?