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    Tournament Fishing at Grayson Lake

    I'm 12 and was wondering what works best at Grayson Lake. This is my first tournament and I was wondering where to try on the lake. Also, what best works best there in April because that is when my tournament is.

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    If I were you I would wait until about a week before your tournament and repost this. There so many things that will change, mainly the weather, water temperature, and water color. Good luck on your tournament.

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    Buddy it's a tough lake especially if ya don't know it. I would tell u, but I don't do any good there either. I Always have tournament there end of march early April and I have never placed and I usually do ok in tournaments. I will pm you what has worked for me though. Good luck!

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    Grayson lake also has fish attractors put up by DNR. You should definitely look at Grayson lake Fish attractor map. Maybe also search online to see if others have shared their honey holes for this lake.

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