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Well, Chickamauga didn't give up any big ones for me but it didn't really disappoint either. I fished mostly Sale Creek and some in Dallas Bay (C. Frost Park). didn't do a bit of good in Dallas Bay, but I saw some fish shallow in the back. Sale Creek was a neat creek, especially in the back of it, wild channel swings. caught some fish on topwater, when the wind picked up the spinnerbait was good. The best bite however was on a basic shakyhead, 1/4oz round ball greenpumpkin worm, tail dipped in chartreuse on channel banks where the channel made a bend near shoreline cover (laydowns/stumps). I dodged storms most of the time down there and boat traffic was fairly heavy. Everyone down there was complaining about boat traffic but I'm used to Cedar Creek so I didn't find it to be too bad. Some fish were on the nest but it appeared most were done with a lot of males guarding shallow. water temps were low 70's, lake was rising and fast with all the rain. it will probably muddy up this week with all they got. Some fish are starting to show up on the ledges too but the better bite was still back into the creeks on laydowns and channel banks. on Saturday I caught over 20 fish but a lot of small ones, best was a little over 4#. Thanks to everyone on here for the assistance. It was my first time to Chick and I WILL be back, I'd love to hit it in February when the A-Rig is on.