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    St Clair Michigan Status

    I see there isn't a Michigan State Page on this website but wanted to know if anyone could give me up to date conditions of the lake. I have a trip planned for fishing Thursday Friday and Saturday and all the forecasts look like Crap and wanted to know if the Lake conditions were poor and cloudy and Muddy with all the rain and wind or if it was still fairly clear and fishable. Thanks in advance

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    might not be worth it

    Water temperatures on Lake St. Clair are beginning to warm and clarity is improving. Crappie, bluegill and pumpkinseed are in the canals and marinas. Smallmouth bass have been caught in deeper water off spawning areas when using blade baits and soft plastics. Shore anglers have caught largemouth bass.

    This is from April 28th.

    100% chance of rain Thursday and windy will make it tough. Maybe we should reschedule.

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