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    How's Taylorsville Lake bass been for you this year?


    Was wondering how Taylorsville Lake has been for all the bass fisherman this year? What has been your go to lures? How's the water temp etc and are the bass out or spawn yet?

    Ive only been once this yeat but had some success with Spro Little John Blood Craw crank and a white spinner. Watermelon plastics had a few hits but no keepers.
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    TV has been pretty good lately. 69F 3 ft clarity. caught fish on cranks, spinner baits, jerk baits and worms over the past 2 weeks

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    Haven't been in a couple of weeks ... but did catch a 6lb female LMB prior to that. Full of eggs, and caught shallow on a Roadrunner, casting for Crappie. Not the first time that's happened, either ... have caught several in the 4lb range, over the last few years, doing the same thing. All were released unharmed.

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