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    Leaving fish winders on boat

    Question, do you leave your fish finders on the boat while trailering? I always take mine off before trailering.Thinking about jars and vibration.
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    I don't know about you guys but I always take mine off!

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    short trip on long trip off.

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    It varies for me.

    I normally fished a lake that's only 15 minutes from my house for the last few years that I fished. I'm a retired fisherman now due to health issues. But if I was driving to KY lake and had to stop for gas anywhere I'd want to remove and lock the very expensive depth finder in the vehicle where it was not easy to access by strangers.

    I use a Humminbird 898C Si unit with two SD ports that are easy to access in just seconds. I have a map card that costs 200 dollars in one of the slots and another SD card in the other slot with my Map WayPoints of my fishing spots. I'd not want to loose either of these. It only takes a second or two to open the SD slot door and pop the SD card out. So for that reason I'd want my deph finder secured on a long trip.

    Imagine driving down the Interstate and pullin off the road to use a restroom in a gas station or rest stop. You are away from the boat for 5 minutes and come back to find your 3000 dollar depth finder gone. Not good.

    I lost a Garmin Hand held GPS several years ago and never got it back. I think I left it on top of a cooler in the back of my pickup truck. When I drove off it slide off the top of the cooler onto either the parking lot of along the road some where between the fishing lake and my house. I also lost a bag that held my $200 electronice predator caller but someone found that in the middle of the road and called me and let me recover the bag. I was lucky in that I got the Predator caller back with it's accessories in that bag. But they didn't find the GPS Garmin Vista hand held unit.

    I replaced the Garmin Vista with a Garmin Montana 650 Something and now the Humminbird is used for the fishing waypoints. This new hand held stays in the house these days gathering dust and I don't got out in the field much these days.

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