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I thought I read that you were trolling on a weekend? If so how is the boat traffic. I've avoided coming to the lake the last couple of months. I'm going to try and make it down the 22nd and 23rd. This month during the week.
Im hoping that most schools will be back in session and the lake will be less crowded.
I am a standard weekend warrior. The one weekday I fished this summer was by far the easiest and quickest and I was the only boat out there for as far as I could see. I am usually out in the morning at or before daylight and back in before most of the party boaters are out of bed. Last weekend was a major exception and pain in the behind. The party boaters were up early to make the run up to Conley for the raft up Saturday morning. I continue to be amazed at how stupid many of those people are. I had several boats almost run me over and I was on the main lake with plenty of room. One guy cut behind me so close I was afraid he was going to hit my lines. Some guys at the cleaning station saw what was happening to me and brought it up so it wasn't just me.

BUT that was the only day I regretted being out there. My boat can handle rough stuff and I would not want to be out there this time of year in a small boat. Many Northern lake guys love a rocking boat. They think it gives their weights and lines added action. I can't say I have every noticed a bite after getting rocked but the times I am not rocking are plenty enough.

Larger schools are forming now, but many of them are close to the bottom in 60-70 feet. I really do not like going in that close and low unless it's a long stretch on the North shore. I'll probably start taking some bait out with me if I can't find enough willing to bite in open water. You can usually drop a few lines right on their heads after you fast troll to mark them.