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    Kentucky Lake Bank Fishing near Moors Resort

    hey all, we are going down to kentucky lake in 2 weeks for a well needed fishing trip! We are staying at the awesome Moors Resort for the 4th time. Primarily we are going to be in search of some catfish! while we have had success bank fishing around Moors, we are wanting to expand our horizon and hopefully our catch as well. Any tips for some good bank spots that are easily accessible? wiling to drive just not too far, and day fishing, night fishing it is all fair game for us. We are not too familiar with the area so best descriptions, GPS points, anything that can help would be greatly appreciated.

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    There are not a lot of areas close to The Moor's. There is a county park with bank access at the lake end of Big Bear Road but you would probably be better off fishing the banks around the Moor's Resort for Catfish. If you don't mind about a 25 minute drive, there are new access areas at the U.S. 68 bridge for bank fishing. One is on the North east side of the bridge and one on the south west side of the bridge. My thoughts are that these areas would be better for catching Catfish...especially the north east side of the bridge.


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