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    Post Underwater Walleye strikes Video

    Amazing view at walleye bites and behavior
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    Nice but too many popup's and adds in this video

    Way to many ads and popups in this video. And the noise is very annoying. Might want to edit out the reel noise. Is that noise coming from the people in the boat or the video camera that's under the water. I guess it's the former. But it's annoying.

    In the video notice how the fish just follow and examine the bait as it they are wondering what the H it is. It's like they have never seen a thing like this before and are curious as to what it is. And since they don't have hands to you touch it and feel what it is they simply bit it out of curiosity and get hooked. Reacting to the lure aggressively to chase it out of their territory maybe? Muskie are like that. They will follow a bait all the way back to the boat when you are casting lures. And if you make a figure 8 with the lure right at the boat several times the muskie or Northern Pike will attack the lure at that time. I've done that myself and caught a few Northerns that way. And I've had a lot of Norther Pike follow my crank bait or spoons from the deep wate up to my boat before they were caught on another rod with live bait (minnows) hanging down about 10 ft deep next to the boat. The casthing spoon lures them to the boat where the live bait actually catches the fish.

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