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thanks for the information.I am coming down wednesday. I'm hoping the cooler temps will help.Do you know what the water temp is?
Low 60s i believe. I was not running controls. I think we were just a little early and this trip was one week earlier than normal. We might even try to get back next weekend but not sure i can pull it off.

Best jumps seen for the total trip was at the dam by submarine island where they limited out 2 days. From there nothing but singles. Lots of singles which when cast at did manage to pick a few up. We did see small jumps in The mouth of otter area and around first turn. I was salivating waiting in the mouth of otter and beaver just waiting for the explosion. Lots of seen singles the point across from jamestown next to the flats from there all the way to governors. Main lake in front of beaver had lots of gulls but they never gave us any clues. Lots of bait on top at dam, mouth of otter, white tire and in front of jamestown. We tried a lot and honestly i wish my trip was this wed because it is going to explode and those are great times. GL

Be prepared to troll or pull bait and maybe then pack it up if the jumps start rolling.