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Thread: Smallie fishin

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    Smallie fishin

    I have got the bug to do some smallie fishing. Never really targeted them here in Ky. Tried Green with just a few shorts. Any suggestions that aren't to far for a day trip from Louisville? I have a few days open next week and looks like there should be a good smallie bite somewhere!

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    We used to catch them at Cumberland in Oct .... rock islands out on the main lake and points inside Beaver Creek. We'd start with topwater baits, like small single prop or medium size double prop baits ... and occasionally just a hook/sinker rig with a big minner and cast to the deep banks around those same places & just let the bait pendulum swing back to the boat. Never caught anything real big, but then we weren't keeping them anyway ... just fishing & hoping for some pullage.

    As screwy as the weather has been this year, I think things are almost 2-3 weeks behind schedule ... so I don't know if Float/Fly fishing would be productive. I'll let the F/F guys chime in on that.

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