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Thread: Barren report

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    Barren report

    "OK", I don't wana know how, where ,on what, non of that !!! All I want to know is is it muddy? Old man wants to go down Tues. ,by himself!!!

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    I went down on Friday with my buddy looking for bass. Got on the water about a half hour before sun up. Launched out of state park. Main lake was stained. Skaggs was dirty. Up the river was dirty to muddy. Water temp was 56-60 degrees. A lot of gulls after a lot of shad. Caught several small fish and 6 keepers. Skies were blue with some high thin clouds. Fought moderate wind all day that just died around 3pm. Our bigger fish came off the main lake.

    Had been a while since we had been able to get down there. Usually have an annual pilgrimage there for about a week this time of year to load up the freezer. Tough day but we had a blast. Hope this info helps and you load the boat.
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