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    Ultrex or Fortrex Lock

    So, with these motors being a CRAP TON of jack, is anyone using any of the locking mechanisms for their Ultrex or Fortrex motors?

    I'm looking at this site:

    And here is a short vid of their product:

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    Wish I had one of those so that I could give an opinion Geo. I bet you really like it. I think thatís my next purchase.
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    I have a Ultrex and like it a lot, the spot lock is nice it will drift a little especially if the wind is not blowing, but you really donít need it if the wind is not blowing. It usually will hold you within a three foot circle. Very good if you have some wind and catch a fish or need to tie on a new bait. I worried before I got it if it would jerk you around or throw you out of the boat when it started up but it ramps up slowly. I fish mostly for Crappie and it will hold you on a brush pile all day if you wish. Itís a very large motor and very heavy, but it has lift assistance which makes it much easier to handle. If you go to YouTube or you can get a lot of information and opinions about the motor, most of the complaints I have read about are over the foot petal locking up. But Minn Kota is great to deal with and will stand behind the motor. Hope this helps you it is a lot to spend but itís the best trolling motor I have ever owned.
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    Looks good Geo
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