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    2018 bucket list

    2018 bucket list

    OK, little early, but not to soon for a little forward planning. Number 1, spend some summer time in the High Country of Montana. Number 2, go crabbing on either the Gulf Coast or Northwest coast of Oregan or Washington. Yes, I do plan on taking the17 foot Laud along. Still trying to sort out the rest of the list and best seasonal locations. Will post more as plans develop.

    What does your 2018 Bucket list look like?

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    a few things on my bucket list, # 1 and the most important of all, make sure I make it to Heaven when I die, I'm working on this one each and every day, I got on my knees and prayed to Jesus, asked him to forgive me of all my sins, and asked him to help me to understand his word as I read it, and I asked him to help me live my life each day so he will be pleased with me, and to help me to endure until the end, I'm on the right road now, and if I can endure until the death Angles come for me, then I can check this one off my bucket list..

    # 2- retire before I get to old to be able to do anything that gives me pleasure, well I retired a couple years early, last year 5/20/2017 and so far I'm loving it, the good Lord has blessed me better than I deserve, and I sure thank him for it. so I can check this one off my list..

    # 3- fish that big lake in south Florida called Okeechobee, I just got back from fishing the first week of February 2018 on lake Okeechobee, beautiful 80 degree weather, meet some other fishermen there that were very nice folks, caught some fish, loved it and plan on doing it again next winter. so I can check this one off my list..

    # 4- Road trip out west, all the way to the Pacific ocean and back, the routed trip will cover 19 states and 6600 miles, with estimated time frame 25 to 30 days, this has been a lifelong dream, never had the amount of time off work to do this, now that I've retired, should be able to check this one off my bucket list before summers end this year 2018..

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    Jesus forgive you of your sins when he die on the Cross..

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