Winter has arrived in EastCentral Florida, our first freezing temperatures after several warmwinters in a row, water temperatures dropping in to the 40’s F,driving fish into the deep holes, and the shallow water schoolingfish back on the flats to feel the sunshine during the day. Morewinter fish biting in the backwaters like Sheepshead and Bluefish,local resident species Redfish, Seatrout, and Black Drum bite allthrough the winter as they are more cold tolerant than sub tropicalfish which are here also such as Snook and Tarpon which can be atrisk when the water gets cold enough in shallower water spots werethey cannot get to the bottom in deep enough water to avoid thecolder surface temperatures. Schooling Redfish on the flats ofMosquito Lagoon is always a winter target, a fun sight fishingchallenge, poling the boat to find the school, getting into positionto be able to get baits to the fish. Canadian clients Claudia andChris had a great backcountry trip with me , catching many differentspecies dropping shrimp baits into the deeper holes, then after thesun was up enough we hit some flats finding a school of Redfishwarming them selves in an oyster bar lined bay, they landed 5 Reds onour light spin tackle, Claudia did catch the largest one…………………..

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…………….but Chrisbeing the more experienced angler caught most of them……………………

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Repeat local client Rob fromOrlando came on a back country trip again with a group of friends,fishing the holes and drop offs, catching Trout, Reds, Snook,Sheepshead, Snapper and Tim got the big one an 8 lb. BlackDrum…………...

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I even got out a few timeswith some friends scouting and fishing, looking for new fishing spotsto take clients on other days, we fish with artifical lures forsearch fishing moving along to see as much as possible on our hunt,even get to catch a few fish, had schooling Reds and Trout on a sunwarmed flat on Mosquito Lagoon………………

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Repeat client Steve fromCanada came out with me with his friends catching a bunch ofdifferent species including the ever present backcountrySeatrout…………………..

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Another Redfish from anotherfun scouting trip, as late winter and spring arrives the guidebusiness picks up with lots of charter trips so no need for scoutingwhen out most days of the week with my fun clients………….

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