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    The times I went in early may I concentrated on late evening and night fishing right up to break of day. Throwing lures at the banks at night is fun for surface feeding stripers. When I used live bait I concentrated on free lines and running boards shallow along flats, but also just as sun was going down tight to the sheer rock walls as tight as I could to get on stripers just arriving fr the night feed.

    I pinch pennies. So I also check with the local motels and check rate schedules. If staying in Jamestown Resort Motel a room that is about $90 a night in June may be just 50-60 per night in May. 5 night stay at reduce rates pays for bait and boat gas
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishincreek View Post
    Good luck on trying to predict the Big C. One big rain and the whole lake can be a total mess, trashing all of your well laid plans. If I had to pick lottery days for that lake it would be first week of June. Can still get into nighttime stripers and walleye and can get some topwater bassin. Good luck.
    Never had much luck predicting anything, especially with respect to tryin to figure out when the bite is on All you can do is take a shot - but thanks to everyone for their thoughts. As we want to try night fishing I mounted a small floodlight on the bow of my boat to help me navigate through stumps and floating debris. I plan to take it easy so I don't screw up my boat or motor.

    Anyone have any recommendations for top water baits? I've always had good luck with Hula Poppers, Strike King KVD Splash, Rapala XRap, Scum Frogs, and Jitterbugs - also think I'll try my heavy fly rod with some topwater poppers and large flies. Should be fun

    Thanks again to everyone that took the time to repond. My brother and I really enjoy our fishing trips, even when we get skunked

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