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    Forming a High School Bass Team

    I am trying to get information about possibly starting a high school bass team in the eastern part of the state. If anyone is involved in one of these teams and could get in touch with me for some Q&A, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Search "Jimmy Gayhart Fishing" on Facebook. He's a good boy and is active with the Scott County HS club. He's from Perry County and would be able to help you out with answering your questions, I'm sure!

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    I can't offer much help, but just want to wish you good luck...I wish we had a fishing team in HS...sure it will be great

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    Its funny to look back at how things change. Not trying to hijack a thread but I'm 34 now so I'll let you do the math on when I was in highschool. Anyway, as a Junior in HS a group of us kids that were avid bow hunters began writing letters and a petition to allow archery as a sport in highschool. Of course then we were hoping to use our own equipment and just looking for money for travel. We had caught wind one of the private schools in a neighboring town was starting something very similar however it was waaayyyy too dangerous for a school board to support. Fast forward to now and KASP is international. Crazy how things change. Good luck to you and I hope ur team well.

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