Hey there. My husband and I are heading Gatlinburg from the St. Louis area and wanted to stay on a lake somewhere on our way down. We don't own a boat so most of our fishing would be done from the bank or docks. We primarily catfish and like to rent cabins at campgrounds or resort rooms as close to the water as possible. We're not too picky about our lodging other than relatively clean, affordable and close to the water. We spend a lot of time at Lake of the Ozarks where some of the places are so close to the water we've been able to fish off our deck a few times. Any tips on good places to stay where the fishing might be good and the lodging is pretty close to the water? Big fish are nice and all, but we're happy enough if we can just stay pretty busy with eatin-size catfish. We tend to do more night fishing.

We're also kicking around the idea of Kentucky Lake/Lake Barkley area. Originally we were looking at Douglas Lake but the campgrounds that had rentals don't allow swimming in the lake near the rentals (very odd to me), and that's nt going to work traveling with kids in the late July heat.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!