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Thread: Peabody WMA

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    Peabody WMA

    Had to get out this weekend but with the big lakes brimming and most other lakes I figured pretty well trashed I thought I would try something different and tossed the canoe in the back of the truck bound for Peabody WMA. I figured those deep, clear strip pits would be fishable and they should set up pretty good for an early bite. I went to the Ken Unit and my mission was part fishing and part scouting as had only been there once decades ago when I was a kid. Armed with a map I quickly found that the high water affected the WMA too as I ran across 2 roads covered in water blocking my path to the southern part of the WMA to scout that end. I ended up fishing 4 different lakes catching mostly smaller bass in each with some bluegill and crappie mixed in for color. The last one I fished late in the day I couldn't hardly keep the small bass off my jerk bait. Interesting place but I got the impression that decent sized fish might be hard to come by. Lots of lakes but I suspect lots of pressure too. It might be interesting to get off the beaten path and hike into some of the remote pits if one were so inclined. Great place to take a kid small boat fishing...


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    Believe me, huge fish are in those lakes. Not sure where you were, but I have caught massive fish of every species.

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