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    Herrington Lake Kentucky

    My 13 year old son is fishing a tournament this weekend at lake Herrington. We have never been to this lake as it is 250 miles from home. Can anybody give us some hints on the bass fishing in March? All I can find online is that is a very deep lake

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    Lot of docks I would fish them with spinner baits and jerk baits good luck

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    Yes it is a "very deep lake" ... in some parts. Could be near 200' deep in spots. Current forecast is 40% chance of showers & high of 50deg ... so make sure he has warm clothes and a good rain suit !!
    I'd probably start out with jig/pig, then a deep diving crank, then a jerkbait ... just to cover the top 15fow. If they're deeper than that, it may be a long day for the lad. Any little cut-in pocket along a steep rocky stair-step bank, both points of the pocket, and 50yds of bank on either side of the pocket should be worked over pretty good.

    Lake is about 4ft over Summer Pool & falling ... surface temps are going to be seasonally cool due to the below freezing nights between now & then, so I suggest he fish slow with whatever bait he chooses to use. May even consider a big spinnerbait, slow rolled along the rock shelves or stairstep banks at the 12-15ft depths.

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    You are travelling 250 Miles to fish Herrington for a day? I feel bad for you. For the most part, the best pattern on Herrington is arguably junk fishing. I know how tough it will be for a 13 year-old angler to stay focused, especially on this lake. Fishing with jigs and shakey heads around docks will be a way to eventually produce bites, as well as cranking a 3xd around docks or in one of the 7 small creeks. I will be fishing against you all on Saturday, so I hope you all do very well and place second lol (behind me)

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    How did go?

    I hope the HS anglers got on good fish today. Anybody know what it took to win?

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    Tourney results

    Curious what ended up working for you this weekend?
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