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    License for trailer

    I was told that Indiana was going to enforce no trailer license for out of state boats this year even though we don't need one in Kentucky any one have info this

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    Just as an FYI.....the rumor you heard is "legislatively" false! It's impossible for Indiana (or any other state) to require things on out-of-state vehicles that are not required in the registrant's home state. I am a retired State Trooper and I used to run into this ALL the time! Some states require a front license plate, and others (like Kentucky and Indiana) do not. Imagine if everyone from IN and KY who happened to be driving through Ohio got a ticket for no front plate! As long as states are sovereign in their ability to make laws, your scenario simply is not possible. I WILL SAY, however, that if any state was going to try it in an effort to increase revenue, it would be Indiana.

    Speaking of front plates....If your state ever tries to pass a law stating you need a front plate, lobby against it!!
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