Hi everyone. I am new to to this forum and new to the type of boat I just bought. It is a Bass Hound 10.2. Got what I thought was a great deal on it. Bought it with a trailer and Mercury 5hp four stroke engine for $600. I'm in my mid 60's and have recently moved to north central Missouri so we could be near eight of our 17 grandchildren. I wanted to introduce them (7 boys 7-17 years old and one girl 4 years old) to the fun of fishing. The boat was left outside this last winter (engine stored in a garage) and apparently there was some water in between the bottom shell and the inside shell which caused a slight bulge in the floor. The reason I think that is because when I tipped the boat up to get it off the trailer, I could hear water inside it. What is the best way to get the bulge to go down? My thought was use a heat gun to soften it up and then put a weight on it to get it to set flat again. The other problem is that the seats do not swivel, probably because the shafts are rusted. I have sprayed WD40 on the top side shaft and will try another penetrating fluid on it also. When I get them out, I'll clean them up, grease them and put them back and see how that works. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for the forum.

Bob in Missouri