I was fishing on a small lake from the bank with a flyrod with a yellow and black Ovis bass popping fly. Down the back in front me in hole in the moss, I could see a big large mouth messing around. I could not wait until I got in casting distance, and then here came a guy on a golf cart and parked it just where that bass had been playing around. Obviously, he got under my collar. So as I was standing to find words to say to him, he pulls out his spinning rod and casts a yellow and black Songayilang Super Frog right where I last saw the last wave of the big bass.

Then it happened. On first cast he hangs this monster of a bass. He fights it for just a short time and gets its right up to the bank. He and I know it’s a record-breaking fish, and before you could say “Gone”, it broke his line and “Was” gone. This was not your average big bass. This was at least a fifteen plus fish. A true Kentucky record. As you have seen the movies before, he jumps up and done, he is cursing every breath he takes. Then he goes to his golf cart, drives it upon the hill above the lake, gets a running start and at full throttle, he runs this cart fifty feet out into the lake before it sinks. Now this brings to mind as to what you would have done.

Now as to this post you may be able to see what time it is. It is 4 AM in the morning. I can hardly see the computer screen. I got a tooth pull last week, and sadly enough, it has been keeping me up at night so about 2:30 AM this morning, I fell asleep and in my dream this all happened. I guess the moral to this dream is whether or not you are sleeping, you are still fishing. Hope to see on the lake. I am going back to bed. Bonefish