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    Tville lake night fishing

    Is anybody having any luck night bass fishing? Never had much luck night fishing but itís to darn hot to go during the day. If you guys/gals have some pointers that would be awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basshunter82 View Post
    I used to go Bass fishing at night on T-ville ... usually during a full moon (or nearly full) so I could see to navigate thru the standing timber. When you could fish the bank between the ramp & marina, I caught quite a few Bass there on cranks. Otherwise I was pitching a 4" Gene Larew craw right at the water's edge & crawling it down into the water (on banks with standing timber). Fish seemed to be almost nosed up against the bank, because if the craw landed more than a foot from the water's edge ... no hits (or you'd see a wake from the fish swimming off). If I crawled the plastic craw off the bank & into the water, the "hit" would simply be the line moving down the bank or back towards the boat ... as if the fish simply grabbed the craw & started to swim off with it. Seemed to me that the Bass were simply hanging around the shoreline waiting for a crawfish to emerge from under the rocks !!

    Now, that was many, many years ago ... and the ramp/marina bank is now posted, and I haven't been Bass fishing at night on Taylorsville since. I do, occasionally catch a keeper Bass during the day ... but, I'm casting a Road Runner for Crappie when that happens.
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