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    One "Mean-Mouth" Fish

    As you can see it is 4:24 A.M. in the morning. I just came in off Lake Cumberland after fishing the night. When I got home, I took a large mouth bass out of the livewell and put it in a large cooler for the purpose of mounting it because I have never caught a bass this big before. I feel a little guilty keeping this fish because I always release all of my largemouth and smallmouth bass. However for the fact this fish put up such a terrific fight, the time to boat this fish, and being in the 10 to 12 pound range, I wanted to mount this fish. So, like I said, I put it in a large cooler when I got home and placed the cooler on my back porch and went in side to the kitchen to wash my hands. While washing my hands, I could look out the kitchen window and see the cooler. While watching the cooler out my window, I saw the lid fly up, and I could see the fish flopping around in the cooler. To see what the commotion was, my cat came up to the cooler and stuck his head into the cooler. My cat like all cats wanted to test things out by touching it with his paws. As the cat reached down to touch the bass that was when it all hit the fan. That fish grabbed that cat by the head, and when it did, the cat slung the fish out of the cooler with his head still in its mouth, and that fish simply wore that cat out by beating it on the ground. I would classify this fish as one “mean-mouth” bass. Then the fish let the cat loose and proceeded to jump back into cooler.

    You know I must stop having these late night dreams. I posted another late night dream I had not long back about fishing, but I can’t recall what it was about. You know how dreams tend to fade from memory. I guess the moral to this dream is don’t let your cat come around when bringing fish home because you could loose your cat. Maybe I need to fish more and these dreams will cease. Hope this is readable because my eyes are a little fuzzy. Maybe I will see you on the water or in my dreams. Bonefish

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    well you caught a 250 pounder....AGAIN

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    Way back in my younger days . . .

    I caught a 4 lb bass out of a neighbor's farm pond. Also caught a decent bluegill and had both on a stringer. I drove a 1966 Chevy pickup with a cattle rack that was 6' tall. I put my 2 fish in the back and stopped at the neighbor's house to show them off. Afterwards I went inside for 30 minutes or so thinking a bull can't get out of the rack so the fish had to be safe. When I came out the neighbor's cat had climbed into the back and ate half the bass, leaving the bluegill alone.

    Dreams bring back memories.

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