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    Burkesville 20th-Jan 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Trout fan View Post
    Appreciate the offer. Will be out of town then. Went out today from Burkesville and floated south. I was Out over half the day. Started out great this morning then all at once the bite stopped. Idk. Scratching my head wondering how to consistently bring fish in the boat?? Cold weather has been tuff for me but it sure is a lot of fun trying. Iím Hooked like a fat kid needing cake.

    Wife and I will be down during those times if you want to get together. We have a house on the river
    downstream from Burkesville. If you are traveling you can stay with us if you want.

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    Went to Wolf Creek Dam yesterday and fished the bank, it was quite slow. Fishing right up against the dam, I was able to catch about 4 rainbows all day. It wasn't dead, but it was indeed slow, but most of everyone who was there at least caught 1 or 2 fish. They've had 2 or more gates running for a few weeks now, so the feeding is hard to predict. When the gate goes from 0 or 1 to 2 or more it's basically a guarantee. When the gates are slow the fish come rushing once more gates open up and the bait fish come through. Since 2 or more have been running so long the fish aren't as focused into their feeding and the water has been getting higher and higher. I fished gold and silver Kastmasters thrown upstream and then a really fast retrieve back to get a strike. No hits on anything else. I think personally I'm done until spring, I know a lot of people go out at night during winter for sauger and walleye but it's a bit too cold for me. Good luck!

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