Had a couple day trip planned to Dale for a few weeks, 2/8 & 2/9. Rained a few inches the day prior, then the 50 degree temperature drop happened. I'm hoping that is the bulk of the explanation for the worst trip I've had in years.

Myself and 3 others didn't get a bite, not a sniff. Threw FnF, football jigs, finesse swimbaits, ned rig, A-rig. Nothing. Water was 44-46. Put in and fished around the KY state resort park, couldn't really make runs as it was too darn cold.

Didn't see but maybe 2 other boats Fri/Sat which probably should have been a hint.

Was wondering if anyone else was out there and what your experience was. I thought I could fish, and had been hearing Dale was fishing well, but it was terrible.