I have been on many many fishing trips including fly ins out if Red Lake Onterio but I haven't been on a dedicated out of state fishing trip since I got married in 2001.
My two sons ages 13 and 16 came to me and asked I plan a fishing trip for us where we stay in a cabin with boat rental. I'm leaning towards Michigan as its closest to my home in NW Indiana and offers great fishing variety.
My problem is I have no first hand knowledgeable source of information on a good resort to try on an equally good fishing lake. My boys aren't particular in what they catch as long as they catch fish. Except for needing a boat I have more fishing equipment than I'll ever need.
What I'm looking for are first hand recommendations for fishing lodgeswuth boat rental from those who stayed there in the last year or two in southern Michigan less than a days drive from the IN MI border. Or a good MI fishing forum I could also join and post the same request for help.
Thank you,