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Thread: Below the dam

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    Below the dam

    For those of you who have been on guided trips, or guide, or just fish for fun on the Cumberland below Wolf Creek Dam for stripers I have a quick question. Are you throwing a net for shad in the river somewhere or catching bait on the lake and taking it that way? I would love to do a few summer trips trolling down there this year but have no idea on whether I need to try to find bait on the lake then load up and head there or if it is able to be found in the river somewhere. I would rather not have to resort to shiners. Thanks for any info you may have.

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    no live bait transport

    catching shad (gizzards, alewives, thread fins) in one body of water and transporting them to another body of water is prohibited in Kentucky. this is to prevent/slow the spread of Asian carp.
    just a side note, if you're going to fish the Cumberland river right now for stripers you need to be at least downstream from the Tennessee state line using live trout , it's legal in Tennessee but very Illegal in Kentucky

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