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    Since the Snakeheads won't Cooperate we Caught some Gar

    I hit the Potomac with my stepson, its been awhile since I got out on the water, and we were after some snakeheads...unfortunately the snakeheads did not seem to eager to bite, guess they are still in spawning mode. We did however manage to catch a few Longnose Gar while out on the water...they are a blast to catch, and taste like chicken He used his bow, and I targeted them with the rod and reel....overall a awesome day with many fish caught. We kept 5 for some good eating later....Good luck to everyone who gets out on the water.

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    Cool How do you clean them

    I've caught quite a few of these over the years, mostly by accident but they are an overlooked species when nothing else is going on. The large ones have quite a bit of fight even for heavy equipment. My dad, my uncle, and I tried cleaning one once because we heard they were good to eat. However, the attempt quickly turned into one of our favorite fishing stories of all time. We tried knives which were useless, my dad pulled out a pair of tin snips, and we tried a few other sordid instruments. By the time we gave up, we had one mangled filet that we used for catfish bait. How do you skin off that armor?


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    We use tin, straight down the back then we turn a knife and go along the skin...kinda like pulling a deer tenderloin. Very diffrent fillet job on these guys.

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